Community Strategic Plan Review 2016


In consultation with the community, Council intends to carry out a major review of the Shire of Carnamah Community Strategic Plan 2012 - 2022. The purpose of the Plan is to set the direction of the Shire for the next ten years.

The Community Strategic Plan of the district articulates a vision of the future which is
supported by Council and the wider community;

  • provides an overview of the Shire's current situation.
  • identifies factors that will impact on the future of the Shire.
  • identifies proposed major capital projects.

The critical questions that need to be addressed are:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?

In order to encourage community participation, Council has adopted the following process for the review of the Community Strategic plan:


  • Introduction paper prepared to initially engage the community in the process;
  • Fact sheet prepared and circulated to inform the community of the current status of the Community Strategic Plan (Information Bulletin No 2);
  • Fact sheet prepared on the current financial environment in which the Shire is operating in terms of government grants and rate levels
    (Information Bulletin No 3);

MAY / JUNE 2016

  • “ Round table” public meetings to be to be held after the Ordinary Council meetings in May (Carnamah) and June (Eneabba). Facilitation of these meeting to be conducted by staff;


  • Outcomes from public meetings to be collated and made public;
  • Public survey to be circulated along the lines of the survey for the inaugural Community Strategic Plan;

LATE 2016 / EARLY 2017

  • Community Strategic Plan Developed along with other plans and informing strategies and adopted.