Carnamah Heritage Park

In 2021 an anonymous donation started a ‘commemorative wall’ project, with the aim of enabling residents and those closely associated with Carnamah to have a dedicated place to ‘leave their stamp’ and display their family history. A dedicated un-incorporated body (‘Friends of the Heritage Park’) was drawn together to manage the project and raise additional funding. The ‘Friends’ raised over $75k (including a $25k donation from the Shire) and the project blossomed into the “Carnamah Heritage Park”.

The Park, located in the heart of the town, currently features 18 steel plinths on which stainless steel plaques displaying family history can be mounted. | Map 



Shire of Carnamah, in association with the ‘Friends of the Heritage Park’, is pleased to provide members of the community the opportunity to place a memorial plaque reflecting their heritage links with Carnamah at the Heritage Park, Macpherson Street, Carnamah.

Memorial plaques can be purchased from the Shire to be placed on one of the 15 ‘community’ plinths that have been erected at the Heritage Park.
All community memorial plaques are 297mm x 210mm (A4 size) and will be laser cut on brushed stainless steel.

To apply for a plaque, fill in the Plaque order form