Shire Administration

The Carnamah Road Board was formed on 17th November, 1923, and in 1926 Road Board offices were built onto the front of the original Town Hall. In 1961, the Carnamah Road Board became the Carnamah Shire Council. The building has since been demolished and replaced with the Carnamah Town Hall, on the corner of Macpherson and Caron Streets.

The current Shire of Carnamah office, located in Macpherson Street, Carnamah, was built in 1980 by Geraldton Building Company. The building was officially opened by the Minister for Local Government, Mrs June Craig, on 17th December, 1980.

Prior to construction, the site accommodated part of the Millar’s Timber Yard and the manager’s house.

The inside of the building was renovated mid 1997, and gardens landscaped in 2004 to what you see today.

For more information on the history of Local Government, please see the Carnamah Historical Society’s virtual exhibition Roads to Government