Weather Stations

Shire of Carnamah, in collaboration with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, has installed two weather stations in protected locations within the Shire.

The first weather station (named ‘CARNAMAH’) is located in proximity of the townsite of Carnamah, and the second (named ‘CARNAMAH WEST’) is located in close proximity of Brand-Mudge Road, providing an accurate screenshot of the two different areas.

There are two ways to access the data:

  1. via LINK The link can be saved to your favourites and onto your desktop. It will also be made available on the Shire of Carnamah’s website, under Bushfire Information.


  1. via MOBILE APP If you prefer to have mobile access, you will need to download the ‘Wildeye Monitoring’ App from your App Store.
    The credentials you require to access the weather data are:  Username – dfescarn  Password – fire