Lake Indoon

Lake Indoon is a popular destination for campers, some travelling from as far away as the south-west of WA and northern WA, for weekend camping and other recreation activities. The camping grounds are simple, and there are clean toilet facilities and a drinking water tank.

Lake Indoon is a brackish, freshwater lake, which has served as an aquatic playground since the late 1950s, early 1960s. The lake covers 130 hectares of the Lake Indoon Reserve, with a depth varying from approximately 1.5m – 5m depending on the seasons and rainfall. It is approximately 4.5kms around the lake, via the beach. Lake Indoon is fed from Erindoon and Bindoon creeks, and fills up by the end of winter. Overflow from Lake Indoon drifts back in to the Lake Logue system. Back in the 1930s, when the lake was dry, the local property owner built a windmill in the lake basin. Parts of the windmill head can still be found on the southwest corner of the lake.

Status of Water Level

Lake Indoon - early November 2019
This photograph was taken early November 2019.   
This photograph taken September 2022
This photograph taken late September 2022


Lake Indoon is located in the Carnamah Shire, along the Eneabba-Coolimba Road. It is approximately 12km west of Eneabba and 19km east of Indian Ocean Drive.


The Lake Indoon facilities include camping grounds around the lake, an ablution block with showers (no hot water), and a tank for drinking water.  The boat ramp has been reconstructed, making it a sturdy, concrete structure.  A gas BBQ and picnic area is available for your use near the boat ramp on the north side of the Lake.  Murals have been painted on the ablution block and drinking water tank by local artists.

Fees: Camping/Caravanning at Lake Indoon is by a donation of $5 per person placed in the honour box (located at the Ablutions Block). Camping/Caravanning is for maximum of 72 hours and pre-booking of camp sites is not available.


Dogs in the Lake Indoon reserve must be on a leash – penalties exist if dog is found unrestrained.
There is an all-year fire ban on campfires and cooking fires in the Lake Indoon reserve. Gas BBQs are available.
All water activities are at your own risk.
Jet Skis are prohibited.
For levels and condition of the Lake, contact the Shire of Carnamah office on
08 9951 7000.
All off-road and 4WD vehicles (including motorbikes, ATV's and beachbuggies) are prohibited from the reserve. We request that people and vehicles stick to the designated tracks. Camping is permissible on the beach and allocated camping grounds.


The bird life is abundant, with over 50 species noted by the former local Ranger. Kangaroos and Emus also use the lake as a watering ground, best seen at dusk.
A Shire representative is often on-site at Lake Indoon and a Nursing Post and Ambulance is located at Eneabba.